Thea & The Wild – City Of Gold

Thea & The Wild return today with City Of Gold. The new track blends synth-driven retro melodies with a contemporary and sharp production, creating a fresh mix of ’80s-tinged vibes and modern coolness. Guitars sound particularly neat and the synth work on the tune is glittering and compelling.

As often happens with the Scandinavians, the sparkling soundscape hides a more reflective, meaningful (and sometimes really sad) subject; the band leader and frontwoman Thea Glenton Raknes addresses that and says: “‘City of Gold’ is a tale of lost happiness, really. You know that moment where you know you’ve lost something you could’ve had, and you don’t really want to leave or let go, cause you’ve had that glimpse of hope and what could have been. Then again, maybe that doesn’t exist, and is just a myth. That’s where the picture from the myth of City Of Gold came into the lyrics.

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