The Underd0g – Freed0m 0f Speech

The Underd0g is an alternative R&B act based in New York City. This project sounds quite peculiar and draws inspiration from artists such as Kid Cudi and early The Weeknd. Freed0m 0f Speech is a track off The Underd0g’s new EP 0ne Nati0n Underd0g. It starts with a two-minute fictional debate between two candidates as next US President: on one side a guy whose only interest is to maintain the privileges of the already privileged classes, on the other there’s The Underd0g who spits out all the problems he has with its country. At a time when we are likely to see someone like Donald Trump* as the next president of the United States, a song like this sounds more relevant than ever.

*don’t underestimate his chances of victory. We have had 20 years of Berlusconi, nobody has ever openly declared to vote for him. We all know how it ended.