The Tapes – At All

I ran into Mickey and Andrew aka The Tapes quite by chance and since then I have been listening to their debut single a lot. At all is that kind of song that gets in your head and it just stays there. Absentmindedly, you’ll start humming along to the refrain ‘Walk through the door, fell right to the floor, can you feel me at all? Can you feel me at all?’ and once it starts, it’s a vicious circle, hard to stop. Groovy and ethereal, At All catches the listener’s ear combining retro synths and lo-fi guitars plunged in a sea of slinky pop-electronica. Guys are working on their EP release, due out later year. As the old saying goes ‘the longer the wait, the greater the pleasure’ but please don’t let us wait too long. Look out, Tapes are coming back into style!