The Snow – Memory Loss

Every year, 3/4 of the money I spend on records goes to Captured Tracks. Every year, Captured Tracks’ releases are on top of my wishlist for Record Store Day (though they rarely reach the stores of my hometown, so that I have to order them online and feel like cheating on Record Store Day but, you know, desperate times call for desperate measures – still sorry).

Anyway, the Brooklyn label has just unveiled what it has coming out on #RSD14 and it seems that I will be forced to run for a CT release once more. In particular, the list came with the announcement that, after Shitfather, another Captured Tracks Supergroup is born. It’s called The Snow and is formed by Jack Tatum, Dustin Payseur and Andreas Lagerström. Their first single – which is the A-side of the 7″ they’re putting out on April 19th – features the sum of Wild Nothing and Beach Fossils’ trademarks (chiming tones, 80s vibes, shimmering jangly guitars, etc.) and the Holograms’ singer providing his best interpretation of Robert Smith without sounding like he’s making a cover of The Cure. You should start saving your pennies and pray that this is not a oneshot.