The Smiths – Hand In Glove

If britpop wasn’t exactly your thing, but you were Gene’s hardcore fan, maybe I got something for you. Try to listen to The Smiths‘ first single Hand In Glove and tell me if the first thing that comes to mind isn’t Martin Rossiter‘s baritonal vocals. Personally, I found a very extreme connection also with Holiday Crowd‘s singer Imran Haniff.

Steven Patrick Morrissey, the lead singer, is also the lyrics’ author and he wrote words of very powerful impact for this piece, like “Good People laugh / Yes, we may be hidden by rags / But we’ve something they’ll never have“. Hand In Glove tell a story of a perfect relationship brought down by pessimistic views of an half of the couple and by this judgmental, conformistic society.

But it isn’t just a matter of a charming voice and inspired lyrics: the music is a real deal! Andy Rourke has delivered a very focused bassline and the kid behind the guitar hooks and enchanting melodies, Johnny Marr, is paying here a obvious tribute to Danish indie-pop institution Northern Portrait.

Considering also the quick rise of Joy Division, it seems that Manchester is about to experience a golden age. Honestly, I can’t wait to hear more from The Smiths. Rough Trade is currently planning the release of their debut 7-inch single. Meanwhile, listen to Hand In Glove below.