Premiere: The Night VI – Wonderlust (IYES Remix)

I’m not ashamed to say that I’ve listened to The Night VI‘s Wonderlust 20 times in a row, every single day, for weeks. I’m so addicted to its lyrics that deals with an intense idea of love, especially the part that goes with “Driving down Route 66, searching for a fix but all I see are headlights, I ain’t seen you yet”. It drives me crazy. And I’m also not ashamed to say that IYES‘s my favourite electro-pop act of 2014.

They have, indeed, top skills as remixers, given that they are apparently¬†able to give a completely different vibe to any possible track, but being careful of not changing its structure too much. That’s what they did for Wonderlust too. Josh and Melis turned down the BPM and replaced the main voice with whispers and quiet shouts that act like shots in the dark, for a more introspective and sensual view of the whole matter.

Listen below.

Here is also the original track by The Night VI.