The Man Who – This High

The Man Who are finally back with a new vibrant pearl called This High. This duo from Toronto doesn’t miss a shot, blending pop music with alternative-rock vibes. Actually this isn’t the first time I feel myself captured by them, and I’m pretty sure that alchemy is the secret of their music. The process of turning one thing into another. Alchemy harnesses transformation, creation, and combination, and leaves us with an end product to be desired. Honestly I think that we are facing a perfect example here. One moment I’m simply listening down my room, the next I’m inside a world of sounds that move, bend and shape the reality around me.

About the song via email, they said: “This track is about a high, and the way in which it can consume us to the point where nothing else matters. Whether it’s a drug high, an infatuation high or a plain old natural adrenaline high, we’ve all, at some point, experienced this intense feeling” 

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