The Interest Group – EP 1

Following last year’s debut 7″ single The Passenger/Vagabond Dreamer and a season of silence, Philly’s band The Interest Group is finally back, this time on longer format. And, needless to say, EP 1 is full of surprises. In particular, the four-piece has dropped part of their 80s-inspired lounge-esque attitude in favour of 60s psychedelia. Which is to say, making a metaphor out of the contemporary musical world, that they abandoned a crowded plaza to get into an unlivable room.

Anyway, you should not worry: they still punctuating their new cornerstone with various influences from a more recent past, succeeding in break free from competitors with a distinctive formula. Listen to the whole thing below. We bet that, from now on, you’ll feel the urge to come back to it on daily basis.