The Fin. – Heat (It Covers Everything)

Heat by Japan trio The Fin. is a colourful song, full of instruments, nuances and magic. There is something dreamy and philosophical on it actually, and sometimes I feel like a samurai in a bamboo forest. Okay maybe I’m exaggerating, but it’s not easy to explain with words. Specifically with this song, it is very hard to type to. Dreamy and experimental songs are not conducive for typing, much like sad songs, just in their own way. So enjoy it below and create you own idea about.

Talking about the song via email, they said: “This song is about energy which is around every where or inside you and states that it conflicts each other in many ways. There’s another version in Through the Deep EP. It’s more like a short dream and thoughts that goes away soon. But this new version is repetitive and it has a big world and reality in it.”

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