The Aces – Physical

Last year, their catchy debut single Stuck introduced The Aces to the world. The band lead singer and guitarist Cristal Ramirez and her sister Alisa (drums) play together since basically ever, soon joined by Katie Henderson and McKenna Petty, but it took them a while to find the right path in music. It is worth the wait though; Stuck was really good and their new offering Physical totally won me over from the very start. The perfectly-crafted mix of crispy guitar riffs playing around with shimmering pop melodies and edgy vocals gives to the track that kind of brilliance that can’t be faked.

Speaking to NPR about the song, which is taken from their upcoming EP I Don’t Like Being Honest, The Aces said: “‘Physical’ is about being unamused with purely sexual relationships. Casual intimacy is so glamorized in society, and we wanted to bring our perspective to the table. Being physical is obviously fun, but it can quickly become lackluster if that’s the only thing a relationship has going for it. Substance is so important and underrated.