Tessa Rae – Seventeen

Los Angeles-via-Oakland singer/songwriter Tessa Rae has spent the last few years honing her writing skills, before meeting producer Justin Warfied who has helped to pull out a sound that blends Tessa’s suggestive lyrics and guitar chords with swish R&B beats and swooning multilayered melodies. Today we can get a first taste of it, a song called Seventeen which is taken from upcoming debut mixtape, Two Worlds, scheduled for release early this year.

Talking about the track, Tessa Rae says: “In a way Seventeen is a coming of age story. For me, this song is about the internal conflict I think a lot of people face when it comes to love, especially when they’re young. Learning when to grow up or when to let go of someone…that’s something a lot of people struggle with. Seventeen is ultimately about me reminiscing on the good and the bad of a young relationship…and the bittersweet feelings of wanting it to last forever but knowing that it can’t.