Terror Jr – heartbreaks

These are the situations in which I miss Carles so much. He would have found the best words to describe the whole buzz that surrounds Terror Jr. Anyway, while we still don’t officially know who the lead singer is ( Kylie Jenner? Unlikely. Lisa Vitale? Highly probable), the electronic pop trio formed also by Felix Snow and David “Campa” Benjamin Singer-Vine, have already dropped a follow-up song to their terrific debut EP Bop City. The trio’s latest effort is called heartbreaks and it comes alongside an official video that remarks the band’s aesthetic and signature sound, built on glitchy beats and finger clicks, twisted electronics and subtle keys. Vocals are as always sparkling and quite cheeky and give expression to lyrics filled with pop references, abruptly ended by in the finale by the sharp line “Lost at sea in the same boat/ My heart breaks, but I don’t”. Mic drop.