Tepu – darkside

Promising LA-based singer/songwriter/producer Tepu made his debut on our pages with the single plastic wizard. Today he’s back with a brand-new track darkside, eloquently confirming to be a name to watch. The guy blends together, in a very captivating way, the futuristic-lo-fi sound of Jai Paul with reminiscences of the big acts of the golden age of Pop. darkside is colorful, it’s unpredictable and, most importantly, it’s quite addictive. Think about Justin Timberlake set in a early ’90s videogame.

Speaking about the track, Tepu stated:”Lyrically, ‘darkside’ is about supplying your own light no matter how vast the darkness is. Whereas sonically, I was inspired by 90’s music, arcade video games and boybands“.