Tep No – The Best Crew / Wingtip – Missing You

With summer that eventually exploded here in Italy, the urge to find the perfect soundtrack to these sultry nights made of chilled beers & football games on TV has occurred and it can no longer be postponed. It is here that come into play Canadian-native, LA-based producer Tep No and New York City artist Nick Perloff-Giles, aka Wingtip. Both of them have dropped two new summery singles and we cannot but thinking that are simply perfect for the purpose.

Blending electro-pop vibes, vocal chops and flexuous synth, Tep No’s new single The Best Crew will make feel as if you were the hottest person of the beach. Speaking on the track, the Canadian producer said:”The Best Crew is about a lover who gets dumped over something they did, and now they’re trying to get the person back. They realize that this person was the love of their life, and wants them back and in their circle of friends. Everything feels a lot different without them.

On the other side of the fence, we really hope that you’ve been working hard on your dancing skill, ’cause Wingtip’s Missing You is here to escort you on the dance floor, with its retro, ’70s flavoured rhythm. Regarding the song’s influences, Perloff-Giles says: “I’m really interested in “found art.” I got obsessed with this artist Jenny Holzer recently who uses projections and billboards to repurpose objects and places, taking phrases that you’d glance over and forget immediately and rendering them inescapable and profound. So with this song, and with the last few, something I’ve tried to do with sampling and with snippets of disparate voices is take phrases that immediately convey one thing and switch them around. Missing someone isn’t just about being unhappy or far away from someone, it’s also about forming a narrative about the way things were and the person you were with. It’s kind of fun in a tragic kind of way. So anyway, this song is about how cool it is to have somebody that matters enough to you to miss.