TENDER – Nadir

North London duo TENDER have unveiled Nadir off their upcoming debut album, which is scheduled for release later this year via Partisan Records. Avant garde electronics and an intricate collection of synths give the track an irresistible groove, sparkling from the outset also due to the fervent R&B-tinged vocals.

Together with the song, Tender have released a statement: “[…] Lyrically, this is one of the most personal songs we’ve written. It’s not explicity about one relationship, however it’s about the different stages most people go through. It was written last year following the collapse of a long-term relationship however, where externalising emotions felt far easier and more productive than holding everything in. Unbottling everything and putting it out there seemed like the the way to get through times where you feel like you’re in a daze. A kind of shock. What happens next? Everybody goes through these things. Even if you’re in a relationship, there are always these ups and downs, where you need to get backon the same wavelength.

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