TENDER – Machine

In less than a month, North London duo TENDER will release their highly-anticipated debut full lenght Modern Addiction. Among the many track that we already featured and will be part of the tracklist, there will be also the just-unveiled new single Machine, a song that blends a cinematic, synth-driven production with soulful vocal chops; it sounds like the perfect song to listen to while driving home late at night after a party.

Speaking on it, Dan said: “We wanted to put together a more abstract video for this song made up of video clips and visuals rather than an orthodox music video. I’d been watching some great documentaries by Adam Curtis a few weeks before and I’d cite ‘Hypernormalism’ as an influence on this. We felt that the lyrics covered quite a lot of different themes, but in the end all eluded to the same feeling of people not having control of their habits and the way they live their lives, ultimately. The song is about consumerism, entertainment, advances in technology and blind addictions. It’s a look into a dark world that feels like a simulation, where our real job now as humans, is shopping.

Modern Addiction is out on September 1st via Partisan Records.

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