Ten Fé – In The Air

Ben Moorhouse and Leo Duncan are back! Following up their compelling debut Make Me Better, London duo Ten Fé has unveiled In The Air, the second track to be taken from their upcoming debut album, which will see the ligh of day next year. The new single is, if possible, even more addictive than its predecessor, with Ben and Leo who have crossed paths to create an upbeat electro-rock piece in which groovy guitar chords, lush synth lines and deeply charming vocals perfectly interweave.

Both Make Me Better and In The Air come from the same session with producer Ewan Pearson (Jagwar Ma, M83, The Rapture) in Berlin. The new single will be released via Bad Life (Petite Noir, Attaque, Whitey, D/R/U/G/S, Mai Kino). Listen below.