Talos – Your Love Is An Island

It’s been more than two year since Talos appeared on the scene. Only three tracks from him, but the long-lived beauty of his music overshadows what for us represents his only flaw: too much time between one release and another! But today, 9 months after the top track In Time, the Irish producer with the divine falsetto is back to enchant us again with the brand-new Your Love Is An Island and we cannot help but forgive him for the long wait.

Speaking about the track, Talos explains: ” ‘Your love is an island, I’m scorched in the sands of it…’ The image described in the last lines sum up what the song is about for me – the struggle to find that sense of peace that only comes from attaining ones dreams and desires. The idea of being so close but still so far from salvation – and not knowing if you’ll ever really find it even if reached.

Your Love Is An Island is taken from the O Sanctum EP, out on August 19th.