Talos – Reborn

Eoin French, the Cork-based musician who’s behind the moniker Talos, has shared the follow-up to his latest single Your Love Is An Island. French’s latest effort is Reborn, a slow jam that revolves around the amazing vocals of the Irish musician to create an evocative soundscape that truly conveys the idea of some sort of rebirth. Speaking on the track, Talos said: “Reborn embodies the feeling of a release. I think there are times when you have to allow yourself space from looking inward and instead expose something more instinctual, more impulsive… This is about a desire to get ‘lost’ in a way, and to let any attachments fall away in that escape.

Reborn is the second track to be taken from Talos’ upcoming EP O Sanctum, which is set to release on August 19th and includes remixes from the MAPS and Sin Fang.