TĀLĀ – Talk 2 Me

Since the release of her last year’s EP MALIKA, Iranian native songstress TĀLĀ has started to reconsider her vision and goals as an artist. The singer/songwriter, producer and multi-instrumentalist based in London has then decided to go back to her origins to rediscover that energy again and how to still have fun making music.

This new momentum has been channeled into a new body of work, which will be eventually released under the form of an EP titled Zāl. TĀLĀ recorded it in her own studio during the early hours of the morning, imbuing her sound with a lot of “late-night feelings”. Speaking about the forthcoming extended play, she said: “The Zāl EP came from a place of frustration with myself and situations around me. The only motivation was the music. I wanted to push myself and make something I feel proud of.

Talk 2 Me is the first track to be lifted from the Zāl, a song that despite its uptempo pace and the sparkling production, makes the listener part of the sense of isolation experienced by TĀLĀ while she was recording it alone in a cabin in the woods. Listen below.

The Zāl EP is set to be released on December 9th via Columbia Records.