TĀLĀ & Mssingno – Tell Me (feat. WA$$UP)

This may sounds a bit weird but, on the other hand, extremely good. Iranian-born, London-based popstress TĀLĀ has unveiled a new project called Malika and shared a new track called Tell Me. The song features the talents of future producer Mssingno and the collaboration of Korean girl WA$$UP and, even if this may seems like a big mess, the final output is actually great.

Indeed, the whole point of Malika lies precisely behind this. TĀLĀ has worked on it as producer and vocalist, bringing in a wide variety of collaborators from across the world. The idea is to try to break down the barriers and blend different sounds and cultures.

Speaking o Malika, TĀLĀ says: “I love to collaborate; orchestrating MALIKA took me around the world working with some amazing producers, rappers, singers and instrumentalists from Turkey, Egypt, Korea and the US as well as the UK” – and continues – “Exploring, discovering and experiencing new music and cultures is a really important aspect of my life and influenced my music from a very early stage. I hope everyone enjoys the varied cast of characters involved and feels a connection to the journey of MALIKA….

Listen below.