Taka Perry – Fishy

An Autumn Monday morning, you don’t feel like working today and, if there was any chance, you’d just go right back to bed. Are you searching for something that will motivate you without much effort? Well, luckily for you, I already have the perfect solution. The newest Taka Perry tune is a concentrate of electronic, flashing synths and deep downtempo beats. Fishy is continuously flowing stream with a futuristic manner, that binds itself with Perry vocal featuring the polished timbre of Jimmy Davis voice. A slow burn song with goes on with a quiet groove before exploding into the refrain and making the dynamics pop out.

About the genesis of the song he says: “Jimmy and I wrote ‘Fishy’ the day we met each other. I met Jimmy through a mutual friend and we decided to jump into my studio and see what we could come up with. Jimmy had the lines ‘she reels me in and casts me out, with the hook still in my lip’ written in his notebook, and the track naturally wrote itself from there“. If you are keen, follow Taka Perry on Soundcloud. Here’s hoping you enjoy this throwback as much as I do.