Swimming Girls – Tastes Like Money

Now based in Bristol, Swimming Girls formed in Bath whilst they were four students who were put together randomly in order to “write a song” for an undefined musical project. It turned up that they shared similar tastes in music and more in general in everything concerned pop culture, with a particular look at the Eighties, deciding to stick together after that experience. Their debut single Tastes Like Money says a lot about the band’s influences, which are pretty much everything came out in the dream-pop/shoegaze scene during the late ’80s /early ’90s. The silky voice of lead singer Vanessa floats over a nostalgic soundscape built around a massive guitar work that goes from intricate dreamy textures to fuzzier moments; moreover the melody of this is track resonates just wonderful in my headphones, and the best part is that it sounds so fresh and not at all like a mere copy of past things. I guess some credits for that should also go to the song’s producer Marta Salogni, who worked with the likes of Sampha, M.I.A., Shura and many others. Enjoy!

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