Swim Good & Merival – Since U Asked

If you’re a regular reader of Going Solo, you should be familiar with Canadian Producer Jon Lawless – best known as Swim Good – by now. We’ve written about him a lot in the past, but if you still don’t trust our judgement, you might be more inclined to agree with a great musician like Ryan Hemsworth. In fact, Lawless’ latest effort Since U Asked has just been released through Hemsworth’s Secret Songs, a project where he personally picks new artists in order to give them the attention they deserve.

Merival, whose real name is Anna Horvath, teamed up with Jon once again, adapting her vocals to the soft pop melody of the tune. Jon said about the song: “You know when someone asks how you’re doing and you can’t help but give a super honest answer?? This song is about the highs and lows of that. Anna & I wanna give mad props to Joel from Air France, Darren from The Avalanches and Torq from Stars for their assistance with this one”.

Damn, we miss Air France so much.