Suzi Wu – Teenage Witch

We need more artists like Suzi Wu. Cheeky, confusing and unapologetic. Her debut single Teenage Witch doesn’t really sound like anything else; it’s kind of a pop song, but written with an “in-your-face” attitude that can only lead to great things. There’s an EP coming out with Lucky Number’s seal of approval on September 8th (pre-order available on Bandcamp), which was co-produced by Suzi Wu together with Going Solo’s old acquaintance biLLLy , who anticipated the news a few months ago in our Going Focus piece about him.

Speaking on the track to Clash, Suzi Wu said: “‘Teenage Witch’ was inspired by the art works of comic book artist Simon Hanslemann. I was getting up at 10pm at night, I’d quit sixth form, my life was nocturnal and bizarre. A drive thru life, there is a poetry in that I think.

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