Supersonic Seaside – Lapsed

Noise-pop is one of the hardest genres to stand out in these days given that it’s pretty darn saturated. So it’s up to a few brave people to tackle the adversity and this time I stumbled into something really valid. Fact number one: as you know Going Solo rarely deals with songs produced in Italy, but Padua-based project Supersonic Seaside deserves it actually. Fact number two: I found it difficult to choose the song to put here as a reference, since all the songs of their new self titled EP are pleasantly audible. Now let’s talk about the song called Lapsed, probably the one that really stood out to me after a series of accurate listenings. The musical approach is closely related to the underground era in which bands like Pixies and New Order rode the scenes. This comes through in the craft of their melancholic guitars overlaid with haunting vocals and deep-pounding percussion to confirm that they will be a group to follow for the next coming years. Their style that blends shoegaze and noise-pop is able to bring the listener into a fascinating underwater experience, and just like Figmennt, they are the real surprise of the year within the genre. Enjoy the song below. 

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