Still Parade – 07:41

It’s been almost a year since the last time we wrote some lines about Niklas Kramer – aka Still Parade – but it seems that the Berlin-based songwriter has just give us a reason to get back on track. Following his first track Concrete Vision, he’s just dropped 07:41, which is the second single to be taken from his upcoming debut LP (out sometime in 2016) . The song gives us lots of different vibes compared to his previous offerings, maybe due to the fact he self-recorded everything with a tape recorder he got from his father. The “Dream-folk” tag gives way to a brand new “dream-funk” one and that’s right: 07:41 is a psych kaleidoscope of colors and the vibe is far brighter than the past thanks to funky guitars, sparkling synths everywhere and soft vocals drowned in reverbs.

This is what Niklas said about the track: “07:41 is about this weird feeling when you’re new somewhere. you feel like a stranger and no one really seems to care about you. But there’s also the chance to build up something new. It’s the point when you just don’t know what’s going to happen. Can’t be quite scary and exciting at the same time”.

07:41 will be released as limited handcut 7″ via Art Is Hard Records.