Stephen – Crossfire

2015 is now one step away from its end but there is still time for us to suggest you some hot names to watch for the next 2016. One of them is certainly Stephen, LA-based producer/multi-instrumentalist/singer-songwriter with already more than 5 millions plays gained by dropping his previous smashing Hypem hits Remembering Myself and Fly Down. Next year the former student of the Miami’s prestigious Frost School of Music will release his debut LP from which his latest banger Crossfire is taken. It’s made of stellar production, ultra captivating vocals and a deeply personal message on top of that.

Speaking about the meaning of the song, Stephen has stated: “There are people out there who are suffering and there’s very little they can do about it. Sometimes I feel guilty when I’m happy because I know that these people are hurting. How can I be happy when I know that people are being forced to live in refugee camps and ghettos, while women are being sex trafficked and millions of innocent people are suffering? So as I sit here and look at my life, I feel grateful, but I also feel confused. How can I enjoy these blessings when I know others can’t?