Stalking Gia – Siren

We said this before and we’re saying it now: Stalking Gia is one of the hottest name of the electronic-pop scene right now. The NYC popstress is still riding the success of her 2016’s single Second Nature (5M plays on Spotify), but she finally joined the new year with a new infectious offering titled Siren. Driven by Gia’s sensual vocals, the track is a sparkling pop number marked by a playful and intricate production.

Speaking on the track, she stated: “I could have been a Siren a past life. This is what I realized when writing this song by the sea in East Hampton. I’ve always been fascinated by the mythology of Sirens — devious creatures that resemble mermaids, but use their voice to enchant sailors and incite them to wreck. Alone in the Hamptons, I felt the need to embody a Siren. I would watch the sea, glaring into the water, mustering up my siren scream.

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