STACEY – It’ll Be Alright

Following up her cinematic debut First Move, Toronto-based popstress STACEY has returned with It’ll Be Alright, a song drenched in a nostalgic soundscape made of airy synth hooks and syncopated smooth percussions, whilst the sultry and hazy voice of the Canadian artist gently dances above the soothing melody.

It comes together with an official video and a few words by STACEY.

for the nostalgic hearts,

my new video for It’ll Be Alright has been released

a coastal time capsule

of an existential journey

a siren’s call to join her on the road to solace
to find her own San Junipero

a paper parasol dream
from the view of a ’68 cadillac
atop mullholland drive
el matador

shot on 5 rolls of Super 8 film
directed by Laura Lynn Petrick
channeling Hitchcock’s classics
To Catch a Thief

to be driven
& to drive
a woman’s resilience

prevailing into the sunset

occasional glances to the rearview mirror
but only to say goodbye”


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