Sportsman – Running On A Beach

Best Fit Recordings’ signee Sportsman has announced the release of his debut album Neverland, which will be released on June 2nd. The Swedish alt-pop artist also shared a first taste from the record, a song titled Running On A Beach that conveys a vivid feeling of nostalgia-mixed-romance. The track relies on classic pop textures tainted by R&B nuances drawn by lush synths and blurry electronics, with the luxuriant voice of Per Magnusson always on top.

Speaking on the new single, Per said: “‘Running On A Beach’ was written in Tanzania. I stayed in a small lodge on the beach. I was high on antimalarials when I woke up in a fever to the sound of a minaret at dawn. I was convinced that the muezzin was singing my song in a sad, auto-tuned way. I smelled weed, like someone was smoking just outside my window. I got up and walked straight out on the postcard-like beach. I took a run in the sunrise, passing drunk fishermen and women spinning seaweed. This song is about these magic hours on the border of dream and reality.