Spitbastard – Lucas EP

Cold times are gone, new sensations are blooming: such a perfect scenario to talk about some fresh melodic techno. Our eyes and ears got captured from Lucas, the new EP that Spitbastard has recently released on Solid Shape.

There are not many infos available about the French producer so, focusing on his music, we have to say that’s surprising how the EP fluently flows from the very first minute to its coda with no perplexities at all. The roots of a specific electronic scene (the same of James Holden, Kollektiv Turmstrasse, Max Cooper) give an emotional touch to all the tracks. The same goes for the combination of different urban sounds that enlight the 4/4 rythmical pattern.

An infinite variety of sounds delights in our senses and makes us lose our sense of reality.
Eternal love feelings burning in hatred, drowned by the frivolity of childhood that has been lost forever…