Sorcha Richardson – 4AM

Dublin born, Brooklyn resident artist Sorcha Richardson returns with 4AM, a new track that also highlights a sharp change and evolution in her sound. Glitchy synths and swirling beats enrich a dizzy production that jumps from brooding singer/songwriting moments to uplifting alt-pop choruses; it’s a song about being “being alone and confident, rather than wounded and self-effacing in misguided relationship” and Sorcha addresses the subject repeating like a mantra “It’s 4 in the morning, I think you should go.

This new electronic side of Richardson’s music makes me wonder which will be the direction of the her upcoming releases; some obvious references seem to be artists such as Japanese Breakfast or Emily Yacina, even Alvvays in its most compelling moments. We’ll see… for your I’m now eager to hear more from her soon.

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