Soleima – Once Was

Hailing from Copenhagen, Sarah Mariegaard (a.k.a. Soleima) has spent the past few months creating and evolving her sound and her identity as an artist. Almost a year has passed since we stumbled across her captivating live session of My Boy and, since then, only a Young Thug cover has surfaced online but, honestly speaking, it wasn’t enough. We wanted something new, something that could (or could not) have confirmed our first strong and positive impression. Luckily, that “something” has arrived this week, in the form of Soleima’s first official single, Once Was, a song where voluptuous synths meet Sarah’s sparkling voice into a slow but constant crescendo of bubbly electronics.

Speakin of Once Was, which is taken from Soleima’s yet untitled debut EP, the Nordic popstress says that it “is a song about inconsistent relationships. The feeling of not knowing whether you can count on people.

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