Soleima – Mascarade

We already had the chance to hear many of the gems included in No.14, the just-released mini-album of Danish future-pop songstress Soleima; if we had to pick one of the three left out though, Mascarade, would easily be our pick. Hinting at a future-bass oriented production stirred up with playful synths and contagious hooks, this track could easily have been a single on its own.

Speaking on Mascarade, Soleima said: “Mascarade is about wanting to be something that you’re not – putting on a costume or disguise to be something else just for a little while. I think many people can recognise this feeling of wanting to be in someone else’s shoes just for a night. But even though the theme of the song is escapism, it is also a song about believing in yourself and recognising that it is okay to be lost sometimes. You’ve just got to dust yourself off and keep on moving in the right direction.

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