Sofi de la Torre – Flex Your Way Out (ft. Blackbear)

The Spanish bearer of the #popdoneright tag, songstress Sofi De La Torre, is finally back with a new track that features also LA singer Blackbear on vocals. The song is called Flex Your Way Out and and casts a darker light on Sofi’s usually brighter productions; this tame the trap-tinged, brooding soundscape drawn by Finnish beatmaker Jonas Karlsson sets a more pensive mood, over which Sofi’s and Blackbear’s soothing R&B vocals intertwine about the turbulent end of a relationship.

Speaking about this collaboration, Sofi said: “I’ve always had it in the back of my mind that our voices would sound great together, so I sent him a message after writing this track in Helsinki. He got back to me straight away with that killer verse & vocal and I’ve had it on repeat ever since!