Soccer Mommy – Out Worn

How much I like simplicity in a song… it may sound strange but I think it is a very rare gift these days. So here I am, to speak you about another sentimental song, with only guitar, female vocals and little more. Soccer Mommy is the project of 19-year-old Sophie Allison from Nashville and Out Worn is her new single out via Fat Possum Records. As I said, the song does not have many details that make it unique. Her style can be approached by hundreds of artists, but the feelings and values ​​it transmits are much more important and actually that’s the main reason why it captured me. The track mainly consists of a dreamy electric guitar, a sweet voice and background drums which lead you towards the summer weather and the loving times. She strikes the powerful balance of soulful atmospheres with hot rhythms builds seemingly effortlessly as she takes command of writing, production and performance. God how much I like simplicity in a song. 

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