Soccer Mommy – Inside Out

Among the many gems that will be included in Collection, the upcoming mini-album that Soccer Mommy will release on August 4th via Fat Possum (pre-order it here), Inside Out is probably one of my favourites. I remember it distinctly from last year’s record for young hearts, which Sophie dropped via Orchid Tapes (I salute you, Warren Hildebrand); it’s such a powerful song, one of those that really highlights the talent of Sophie Allison and her terrific songwriting skills. This new recording has smoothed a bit the original soundscape, giving to the track a dreamier vibe but without the original emotional link to the track.

Speaking on Inside Out, Sophie Allison stated: “‘Inside Out’ is a song I wrote about feeling helpless about the future and the outcome of a relationship. It reflects a feeling of wanting to have a power over someone, but knowing that you actually have none. The video shows that loneliness in some moments, but – with the monster masks – also reflects a darker side, because those feelings bring out a person’s demons.

It comes today with a new video, directed by Harry James Clifford, which you can watch below. “I wanted the ‘Inside Out’ video to have a darker feeling than our last“, said Sophie.