Soccer Mommy – Allison

You can’t say indie rock is dead,” says Sophie Allison, a.k.a Soccer Mommy, “It’s just being taken over by women.

I love this quote because is 100% true. Adult Mom, Speedy Ortiz, Waxahatchee, Girlpool, Frankie Cosmos, Ó (formerly Eskimeaux) and many other female led projects have been doing a great job in the past years. The 19-year-old singer/songwriter from Nashville is actively contributing to the scene with her music and an album, Collection, that will be released via Fat Possum on August 4th. As the title suggests, the record will include some of the gems Sophie released over the past few years on Bandcamp, together with a bunch of new songs. We already featured Out Worn a few weeks ago and today we share Allison, a slow-burning hazy song built around soft guitar chords and Sophie’s mesmerizing voice. It comes together a beautiful official video that you can watch below.

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