So Below – Hard

So Below, the solo project of Auckland native songstress Madeline North, is definitely one of the most interesting music outputs out there at the moment. And while the creation of her self-titled debut EP, which was released earlier this year, took some time, Madeline is now showing to have not lost her inspiration by releasing already the EP’s follow-up single Hard. Produced by Leroy Clampitt (Taste Nasa) and Aaron Short (The Naked And Famous), it’s a song tainted with deep, twisted synth textures and pounding electronic drums, which find their peak into the obsessive pop chorus magnificently penned by North.

Speaking on the track, Madeline said: “Hard is definitely the most aggressive song I’ve ever written, with a pretty strong pop element. I love catchy pop melodies, if it doesn’t get stuck in your head it didn’t do its job!