Slowes – Anymore

Did you ever happen to turn the tv volume down and at the same time listen to a song with the headphones on? You’ll realize that that flow of images that run below will get a new soundtrack, a good one. No more blah blah talk. Well, I cannot stop doing it tonight. It’s a habit, like smoking, chocolate, love and I could list things all day; or maybe it’s just the new Slowes‘ addictive new track Anymore that with its breathlessly obsessive and beating rhythm, totally hogs the music player for hours now. Cynical, urban electro-pop shot by a pulsing heartbeat kick drum and retro synths that lead into a euphoric and transcendent pop-soul hybrid groove. Jack’s laid back vocals and the sun-baked vibes add fuel to a top-notched music production. This track will get stuck in your head for days. Digging it? Grab your download here.