SLØTFACE – Magazine

It can’t be denied that there is a trend that’s currently bringing back the sound of the late Nineties/ early ’00s, with a particular look at the alt-rock guitar scene. Norwegian four-piece SLØTFACE perfectly embrace this trend, exuding a contagious energy through their latest single Magazine. They have basically admitted it: “we were essentially trying to make what would be the perfect soundtrack to an early 2000s high school rom-com — like American Pie or something…and thought we would try to write the perfect opening credits song.” Led by the powerful voice of lead singer Haley Shea, the track brings together dynamic alt-rock textures, catchy punk riffs and a wonderful in-your-face attitude.

Speaking on the song, Haley said: “I really wanted to write a killer breakup song, but I’ve never really had any experience with heartbreaking, devastating, aggressive breakups, so I thought I would write a breakup song about breaking up with bad body image and unrealistic representations of human bodies in media. It’s fuelled by the back and forth of knowing that society creates unrealistic expectations regarding what people ‘should’ look like, and still feeling uncomfortable in your own skin because you don’t live up to those images.

Magazine is taken from the band’s upcoming debut LP Try Not To Freak Out, which is out on September 15th via Propeller Recordings. Pre-order it here.