Slaughter Beach – The Mo

Following up their recent single Shere Khan, Danish alt-pop trio Slaughter Beach unveiled another excerpt from the upcoming Heroic Dose EP, which will be released on October 7th via Brilliance Records. The Mo marks the permanent farewell to the scratchy lo-fi guitar sound through which we came across Slaughter Beach more than a year ago and officially kicks off a new season, made of expanded dreamy synth and hazy vocals, like a lovechild between Neon Indian and Wild Nothing.

Speaking on The Mo, the Danish three-piece stated: “This song was the first written for the new EP. Nikolaj made the rough demo for it in January and we all almost instantly felt that this was the direction we wanted to go with the new EP. There was however a couple of months of noodling around with the structure and production, and the song didn’t find its final form until almost all of the EP was done. One night we sat working in our studio and the bombastic kinda hip-hoppy beat quickly started forming, at first as a bit of a joke but one thing led to another and in the stretch of an hour or so we’d made what the track would end up like. Listening back the next day we felt like we’d made a really great song and that is how we feel like to this day.