Slaughter Beach – Shere Khan

Hailing from Odense,Denmark, Slaughter Beach are currently responsible for one of the most intriguing guitar pop offerings around. Signed to Brilliance Records, which will release their upcoming Heroic Dose EP, the Danish trio has currently evolved the raw lo-fi sound of the beginnings into something definitely more refined and dreamy, as it proves the new single Shere Khan. What makes Slaughter Beach’s music so remarkable is their ability to keep alive the smooth side of indie pop without stopping to wink at shoegaze and lo-fi garage.

Speaking on Shere Khan, Slaughter Beach said: “I have a friend who has a special kind of hold on the people he spends time with. He has the kind of unconventional perspective on things that you would have never thought of yourself, which in a strange way always makes sense. He’s very good at cheering you up but leaves you questioning everything about yourself which can be encouraging but at the same time difficult to deal with for some. When I made the early demo for Shere Khan I didn’t intend to write about anyone in particular, but as the song progressed I realized that I was writing about this friend of mine and the effect he has on me for better and worse.

Slaughter Beach’s Heroic Dose EP is set to release on October 7th via Brilliance Records.