Skott – Lack Of Emotion

Rising alternative popstress Skott is without any doubt one of the most talked-about names of the music business right now. She’s seriously making waves and we have no doubt she will really become huge next year. Song after song, she’s building her strong artistic reputation and her latest effort, Lack Of Emotion, does nothing but strengthen it. Blessed by a a magnificent, retro-tinged production that gives it a charming and timeless vibe, Lack Of Emotion is once-again driven by Skott’s shimmering voice, which is simply a rather perfect fit for these disco feelings.

Speaking on the track, Skott said: “Some people seem to have this off switch, where they can shut off their emotions when things become difficult. The song is about this shell that people create – I’ve got this fascination and fear of it because I feel like I’m the complete opposite when it comes to emotions, I can’t deny how I feel. It’s a bit of a melancholic disco.

Available via Chess Club (UK), B3SCI (USA) digitally now, Amelia/Lack of Emotion will be released on limited edition vinyl on November 4th.