SIVIK – All Day All Night

More than a year has passed since the huge success of SIVIK‘s single High. The Los Angeles-based electro-pop artist has kept building from there and now it has returned with a new compelling tune called All Day All Night. The song is driven by club-ready percussions nestled within a sparkling production that wonderfully frames SIVIK’s otherworldly falsetto vocals.

Going more in depth about the song and his whole upcoming project, SIVIK said: “‘All Day All Night’ is the first release to set up my forthcoming EP collection titled ‘Solstice’. The seasonal solstice marks the shortest day and longest night of the year. It inspired me conceptually to create a collection with a theme wrapped around this astronomical event. Each song has a sonic feeling, or mood, that incorporates the varying stages of what day into night feels like. ‘All Day All Night’ is a sonic hybrid of what I thought that if combined, day and night might sound like musically. Lyrically it depicts that moment you know someone wants you, and you want them, yet they seem to be unwilling to let go like you know they want too. Maybe it’s the fear of rejection, maybe it’s their own insecurities they are dealing with. But through all the bullshit of inactive silence, the eyes tend to speak louder than any word ever said can. This is what ‘All Day All Night’ is about…a feeling I know too well.