Siv Jakobsen – Berry And Whythe

Norwegian singer/songwriter Siv Jakobsen has unveiled another excerpt from her highly anticipated debut album The Nordic Mellow, which will be out on August 25th. The new track is called Berry And Whythe and it’s an uplifting alt-folk tune led by Siv’s smoothened voice, which conveys a palpable sense of intimacy over a gentle guitar strum.

Speaking on the song, Siv Jakobsen shares: “This is written as a retrospective look on my time living in Brooklyn, New York. I lived on Metropolitan Avenue, between Berry Street and Whythe Street – and this song sort of transports me back to my months living there, in my tiny room in a shared apartment. Lyrically it speaks of leaving my time there behind, sort of burying it between Berry & Whythe, where I used to live, and wanting to leave it all there.

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