SIDIZEN KING – Stuck In The Middle

Sometimes blending genres far apart from each other could be risky and messy but if it is done properly with knowledge and bravura, it could lead to an interesting result. That is the case of L.A based singer/songwriter Sidizen King brand new track, the first release of ’17 that demonstrates his musical skill by producing a hybrid between hip-hop and bursts of avant-guard electronic sways. The artist rigs up a tune that gets stuck in your head and hits the ears with its unstoppable rhythmic flow; a resonant chime plunge through deep beats and back vocals that come to light all of a sudden. An assist on the hook comes from the vocal smooth of Kendra Mack, and multi-layered sampler patches.

Stuck in the Middle is about “that place between exclusivity and friendship that this generation increasingly finds itself in”.

The track was produced by casualkimono and anticipates Sid’s debut Ep out on February. Keen to hear more? Check out his SoundCloud page.