SIBA – Mango

23 year old Copenhagen producer/singer SIBA is ready to release his debut EP Fruits, a collection of five songs each one entitled with the name of a fruit, of course. The first single to be lifted from it is Mango, a danceable electro tune build upon a series of shiny and juicy beats. There’s also room for melancholic lyrics which create an interesting contrast with the euphoric falsetto and some deliciously cheerful pop melodies.

Speaking about working on Mango, SIBA stated: “I in my idiot head thought the chord progression was too Adele-sounding for me to be able to do anything with. Anyways, I then somehow, without really knowing where to go with it, managed to turn it into what is now Mango.

Fruits EP will be released on March 18th. Pre-order available here.