Ships – None Of It Real

While Space Inside was an irresistible disco-jam and, as we said, the connecting link between !!! and Jensen Sportag, None Of It Real, the b-side to the latest Ships’ 7” single (for Stratosfear Recordings), takes a darker, more contemplative turn, with Sorca McGrath’s voice taking back the center of the stage (which is this time built over a steady, new wave bassline) and acting like the ring of conjunction between Lauren Mayberry (of Chvrches) and Ruth Radelet (of Chromatics). It is, indeed, sexy, very Drive-esque and and suitable for the post-club hours. Italians Do It Better’s boss should really prick up his ears.

Ships’ Space Inside/None Of It Real 7” single is out March 30th on Stratosfear Recordings. Not sure how many of the 250 copies are still not been pre-ordered, so grab it now.